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Best Junior Warm-Up Before A Round Of Golf

Have you seen your child, or maybe you’ve experienced it yourself, but you play multiple days at the same course, 1 round you shoot 74 and the other 86? How does this happen?

Sure, you could get a bad bounce here or there, or make a couple of long putts, but a 12-stroke difference?

I think the main reason this happens is that some days you're in tune with your body and it’s moving freely and some days you’re a little tighter and not moving your best.

There’s a thing called the neuromuscular system, the part of the brain that tells your muscles to fire and when not to.

So, it’s more than just doing a couple of stretches in the range stall. Don’t get me started on swinging 2 clubs to get “loosened up”. That will slow your body down more than you could imagine.

Moving your body and getting the neuromuscular system firing on all cylinders is what you’re after here. Waking up the hips and thoracic spine before even taking your first swing will get you ready.

It doesn’t need to be a drawn-out workout session, just a few minutes of doing the right things. I get it, everybody swings the club differently, but everybody has the same muscular system rotating through the swing.

I’ve created many warm-up videos in my days, so I picked out my top 2 here. One that is literally a 1-minute video and another that is more in-depth.

This one is quick and easy, go through it a few times, but if you’re tight on time, this one is what you need.

If you’ve planned accordingly or have been in the car a few hours before your tee time, then this is the one you want to use.

No matter what you do, it’s better than starting your range warm-up by swinging 2 clubs or grabbing a wedge and begin hitting.


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